You are welcome again!

We are Coronaproof

The health and safety of our guests and employees have the highest priority. We have drawn up a protocol regarding Coronavirus to offer you a healthy and pleasant stay, in which you can continue to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay in a hospitable environment.

In order to offer you a safe and pleasant stay, all accommodations are fully adapted to the “1.5 meter society”. We follow all the guidelines of the Dutch government and we go the extra mile ourselves.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, trust and cooperation. We wish you a very pleasant stay.

Which measures do we use?

We make every effort to minimize the chance of the virus spreading. We basically follow the guidelines and recommendations determined by the national government. In addition, we take extra measures to create an extremely safe environment for guest and employee.


- Keep 1.5 meters away. Both from our employees and to other guests
- The service-oriented staff wears gloves and a mouth mask
- We pay extra attention to the cleaning of exposed surfaces
- There are additional disinfectant products in public areas
- The reception is equipped with transparent screens
- Follow the walking direction in public areas
- Disinfect your hands every time you visit the reception and restaurant
- Maximum with 2 people in the elevator
- The layout of the restaurant and terrace has been adjusted 1.5 meters away from other guests
- Breakfast is served buffet style. At check-in you reserve a time block of 40 minutes at the front office.
- The restaurant is open for dinner from 5.30 pm to 10 pm with a time slot of 1.5 hours per table
- It is mandatory to reserve a table in advance in order to be able to use the measures taken
- Maximum 4 guests per table
- After 8 p.m., no alcohol may be sold and consumed in the restaurant. This also applies to room service: after 8 p.m. we no longer bring alcohol to the room.
- Follow instructions from staff at all times

Spreading of aerosols through the ventilation system is impossible
- No exchange of air flows between your room and other areas
- Airventilation: each room has its own system for supply and discharge of fresh air
- Climate control:  cooling and heating with fully separated air flows
- No circulation of air flows, air supply from outside and mechanical discharge

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